A Program of Catholic Charities

The Matching Process and Match Meeting

What to expect:

Once we have processed your paperwork we will decide if a child that is on our current waiting list is a good match for you. If we do not have anyone that we feel is a good match at the time, we will do our best to find a suitable mentee for you as quickly as possible. Once we have found one we will call you and tell you a little bit about your potential mentee. We will tell you their age, interests, personality, family circumstance and why they were referred to the program. You will have the opportunity to accept the match, decline the match or of course, take some time to
think about it.

If you agree to the match we will call the child’s parent or guardian and tell them a little bit about you. We will tell them your occupation, age, interests, personality, why you want to become a mentor and why we think you would be a good mentor for their child. If they accept we will call you back and let you know.

At that point we schedule what is called a Match Meeting. This is when the new mentor and a Saratoga Mentoring staff member go to the family’s home together. You will meet the parent or guardian and the child as well as any family members who might be at home. This meeting lasts only about 30 minutes and is basically an opportunity to meet everyone and officially begin the match. In the Foundations training it was recommended that you bring flowers or a small gift for your new mentee to the Match Meeting. We disagree with this advice. Please do not bring a gift. We feel that this confuses the purpose of the relationship and sets the expectation that the child will be getting material gifts from you. We want the focus to be on the relationship. After we have completed the Match Meeting you and the staff member will leave together. You and the mentee will now have a plan of when you will be reaching out to them. During the Match Meeting we arrange a weekly day and time for you to call them. This builds consistency and trust and gives everyone an idea of what to expect. Please make sure to call your mentee on your designated day/time.

You will receive a letter in the mail from us with an invitation to our Mentors Only Facebook Page as well as a website where you will go to log your hours.

Please contact the office and let us know how your first outing goes! Best of luck and congratulations on your new match!