A Program of Catholic Charities

Posters Project

The Posters Project encouraged youth in the Saratoga Mentoring Program to create artwork and design posters for a variety of community organizations and events. Meeting with the leaders of local organizations helps young people gain self-esteem and a sense of what it means to be part of a community. By gathering facts about each organization and creating a colorful, eye-catching poster, they have fun, learn about graphic design and take a role in publicizing a community event.

When the posters were distributed to the public, Mentoring Program youth saw that they can initiate, develop and complete innovative projects. The Mentoring Program has created posters for the Urban Cultural Park Visitors Center, The Soroptimists, the Winterfest Festival, the Dance Alliance, the Children’s Museum at Saratoga and Saratogians for Equality and Acceptance of Diversity.